Press Statement: Aaghaz-e-Dosti extends support to Ghulam Ali and Demand action against Shiv Sena Goons

ghulam ali programWith reference to the reports of threats to the program of Ghulam Ali, a famous ghazal singer given by Shiv Sena, we the members of Aaghaz-e-Dosti, an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative of Mission Bhartiyam (India) and The Catalyst (Pakistan), condemn this act. We see that Shiv Sena is a radical outfit that not only in present case, but even in past have done things similar to this as its major politics is based on the ideology of hatred.

The 10th October event of Ghulam Ali is cancelled. We, as an initiative who are working towards spreading peace with the very values of non violence and fraternity, appeals to the Government of India to act strongly against Shiv Sena and to lodge case against them. 

We also see that people in general are fond of Ghulam Ali sahab and they registered their protest through social media channels. Also, we see that it was the same Ghulam Ali who performed at Siddhi Vinayak temple of Varanasi in the home constituency of Prime Minister of India and now when he is in Mumbai, he is facing threats, not by people but by these handful of political goons.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti believes that no one has the right to give such public threats. Being a Pakistani national, Ghulam Ali is not only a guest but one of the most popular singers in the Indian hearts. Also the concerns of Shiv Sena with Pakistan are baseless and direction less as these people (Shiv Sena) never tried to come forward for any positive efforts in bringing peace. Also being an unexperienced outfit in foreign policy related issues, they are only showing their immaturity.

We also praise the AAP Government’s statement that it is ready to host Ghulam Ali in Delhi. We also appeal all other political parties and social organizations to extend their support and invitation to host Ghulam Ali as it is a befitting reply to people who want to spread hatred in the society.

We are always in favor of increasing people to people contacts among religions and regions as this is the only base of social progress. We extend our full support to Ghulam Ali and his team members including the organisers.

Press Release issued by

Team Members of Aaghaz-e-Dosti India: Devika Mittal (Convener from India), Ravi Nitesh (Founder of Mission Bhartiyam), Delhi State Committee Members: Madhulika Narasimhan, Madhuri Mittal, Shruti Achesh (Meerut Coordinator), Prashant Nautiyal (Dehradun Coordinator), Nidhi Shendurnikar (Baroda Coordinator), Ilma Iqbal (Lucknow Coordinator) and Ali Abbas (Hyderabad Coordinator)


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  1. G.Thangarajesh

    It is highly unacceptable to connect politics with music. Even God will not pardon these people who are responsible for the cancellation of the programme because Music is God. Music is a soft power which can bring the two nations into closer.


  2. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. It is indeed sad to see a secular India slowly turning saffron and making “Tiranga” a “aik ranga”. It is about time that the silent majority in both India and Pakistan start challenging the forces of contempt and division amongst them.


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