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Photo Blog: Indo-Pak Cricket is a Game Changer for Peace

by Ravi Nitesh (India) & Syed Zeeshan Ali Shah (Pakistan)

When we think of India-Pakistan matches, we think of a subcontinent fully charged with nationalism, mostly aggressive nationalism. The environment is intense and everyone is (or expected to be) glued to the television, radio or other avenues for live commentary. The social media is also abuzz with memes and videos. But sadly, all this has mostly been in a negative spirit. People forget that it is, afterall, just a game and the two teams are not rivals, but competitors. Infact, they may have friendly relations with each other. This negative and aggressive spirit is what tends to dominate the media and public sphere. 

Here is a compilation of photos that counter the popular, negative understanding of India-Pakistan cricket matches. These photos show what India-Pakistan cricket should be about.

1. Competitors, Not Rivals: Indian and Pakistani cricketers wishing each other luck 

2. Preparing for the competition, not for war.

3. Indian Cricketer MS Dhoni with son of Pakistani cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed

4. Pakistani cricket Azhar Ali thanks Indian crickets MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli for meeting his children. 

5. We love this waving of both flags together, do you?  

6. When we asked Indians and Pakistanis to share their favorite cricketer from each other’s team

indopak cricket aaghazedosti

7. #CongratsPak trended in India

8. Author and Political Analyst from India gives an important lesson about nationalism. Nationalism means love for one’s country but it does not mean hating others. 

9. Great tweets by Pakistan Envoy to India, Abdul Basit and Author and Political Analyst Sudheendra Kulkarni 

10. More of twitter reactions by sports personalities, activists and true Indians and Pakistanis who convey the real spirit of India-Pakistan cricket matches.  

*All these photos have been downloaded from internet.  

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Ravi Nitesh is the founder of Aaghaz-e-Dosti. Syed Zeeshan Ali Shah is member of Aaghaz-e-Dosti Islamabad Team. 


Photo Blog: Gurudwara Dera Sahib, Lahore (Pakistan)

by Devika Mittal (India)

Gurudwara Dera Sahib is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. When I and my friend tried to enter the Gurudwara, we were stopped. We were told that “Muslims are not allowed”. On sharing that we are Hindus, we were immediately asked, “Where are you from?” We replied that we are from India. With a continuous glance of suspicion, we were asked if we are carrying our passports. We were allowed inside the Gurudwara once we submitted our passports to the caretakers of the Gurudwara. 

Here are some photos capturing the story of the Gurudwara.

Gurudwara Dera Sahib is located opposite Lahore Fort and next to Badshahi Masjid. Infact, it is clearly visible from the Badshahi Masjid.


Gurudwara Dera Sahib has been constructed in the memory of 5th Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev ji. The Gurudwara is believed to have been built on the exact spot where he was tortured and was martyred in 1606 CE. This platform was originally built by Guru Hargobind Singh ji but was demolished. In 1884, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, known as “Sher e Panjab”, the ruler of Lahore built a gurudwara in the memory of Guru Arjan Dev ji. It came to be known as Gurudwara Dera Sahib. 

This is the place where he was tortured. A shrine has been constructed at this spot.

After the torture, Guru Arjan Dev ji is believed to have gone to River Ravi and disappeared. This site marks his route towards martyrdom.

A photo of the Gurudwara where the pious Adi Grant is placed.

Here is the photo of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who is regarded as “Sher e Panjab”. His samadhi is also located in the Gurudwara complex. 

Gurudwara Dera Sahib is one of the holiest places for Sikhs around the world. Every year, thousands of Sikhs from India visit Gurudwara Dera Sahib.

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Devika Mittal is convener (India) of Aaghaz-e-Dosti. She is a PhD student of Sociology at Delhi University. She tweets at @devikasmittal 

Photo Blog: Toba Tek Singh, a city and district in Pakistan named after Baba Tek Singh

by Umair Ahmad (Pakistan)

Toba Tek Singh is a city and district in punjab province of Pakistan. The place gets its identity from a saint named Baba Tek Singh who was known for his kindness and generosity. It is believed that he used to serve water from a garha (pot) to the thirsty travellers, irrespective of their identity.

The original spot where he is believed to have sat and served the thirsty travelers is situated near the railway station.

Here are some photos that capture the present of this historical place.

The Railway Station of Toba Tek Singh – Toba Tek Singh is an important train junction.

The Municipal Committee of Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Singh has many higher education institutes – Photo of Toba Tek Singh Campus of University of Agriculture, Faislabad. Agriculture remains to be an important occupation of residents of Toba Tek Singh.

Out and Around Toba Tek Singh of Today (Photos from Gojra City, Toba Tek Singh district)

Toba Tek Singh is also a popular place because it has featured in stories of popular authors. Among the most famous stories of legendary storyteller Saadat Hasan Manto is “Toba Tek Singh”, a story set in the time of partition. It revolves around a so-called “madman” named Bishen Singh who hailed from Toba Tek Singh.

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Umair Ahmad is from Toba Tek Singh. He is a peace activist and advocate. He is the Toba Tek Singh Co-ordinator of Aaghaz-e-Dosti.

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