Indo-Pak Friendship Stories

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Borders can bind people, their movement, their communication but not their feelings. This is also true for Indo-Pak borders. Borders have failed to restrict hearts, emotions. In this section, we will present stories of love and friendship beyond the borders. 

1) “They were just a few feet away”: Story of Junaid (India) and Waqas (Pakistan) Read the heart-touching story of a young Indian and a Pakistani who met online. With time, their friendship grew so strong and they both decided to go to Wagah Border to see each other. Read how they subverted the jingoistic sentiment of the Wagah Border ceremony with their friendship. 

2) Separated by Partition, they passed on their friendship as inheritance: Story of Ch Barkat Ali (Pakistan) and Sardar Ishar Singh (India) Read this timeless, heart-touching story of Ch Sardar Barkat Ali Sahab (Pakistan) and Sardar Ishar Singh ji (India‬) who were friends before partition, during partition and even after their death.. their friendship is living on, being sustained by their families.

3) Spirituality connected Sahir (Pakistan) and Chetna (India) Read this story about how spirituality helped two young people to discover the reality that people everywhere are the same and that peace is the only way forward.

4) “Our Friendship gives me Hope”: Story of Warda Irum (Pakistan) and Devika Mittal (India) Read the expression of Warda about her friend across the border and what bonds them.

5) “I have a mentor across the border”: Story of Hussain Kamal (Pakistan) and Chandra Swati (India) Read how social media is diluting the barriers psychologically. Here is the story of Hussain who claims to have not just found a friend but a mentor across the border.

6) “Our friendship helped us to understand the insane conflict”: Story of Ali (India) and Fozia (Pakistan) Read the story of Ali Abbas and Fozia Akhtar who had met during a conference and became friends.

7) They meet after 68 years, with help of a young NRI: Story of Wazir Memon (Pakistan) and Tikamdas Punjabi (India) Read the story of Razin Karu, an NRI  who helped unite two childhood friends Mr. Wazir Memon (Pakistan) and Mr. Tikamdas Punjabi (India) who were separated by partition.

8) “Summiya was the only friendly face that welcomed me in class”: Story of two school friends Ketki (India) and Summiya (Pakistan) Read the story of two school friends from India and Pakistan – Ketki Kanitkar and Summiya Nizamuddin and how their friendship has survived the ravages of time and in this case, political problems between the two countries.

9) “I find our friendship dangerous…as it is challenging the constructed hatred”: Story of Devika Mittal (India) and Warda Irum (Pakistan) Devika shares about her bond with Warda from across the border and how it helped her to understand Pakistan and the conflict.

10) Friendship story of Aaghaz-e-Dosti conveners – Aliya Harir (Pakistan) and Devika Mittal (India) The conveners of Aaghaz-e-Dosti share how they met, became friends and worked together for Indo-Pak peace and how this in turn, has deepened their bonding.

11) Indian Reality TV Show facilitated bond between an Indian and a Pakistani: Story of Hiranmoy (India) and Aabi (Pakistan) Read the story of Hiranmoy from Assam (India) who met Aabi from Pakistan through their mutual support for Big Boss contestant Mandana Karimi and how this was the beginning of their everlasting bond. 

12) Terrorist threat to school brought Indian and Pakistani students together: Story of Alishba (Pakistan) and Selena (India) Read how terrorists failed and friendship blossed when an Indian student Selena’s perceptions changed towards her Pakistani school mates after terrorists threatened to kill all Indians in the school and the Pakistani students assured her that they will stand by her.

13) Peace Building and Great Friendships: Story of Tulika Bhatija (India) and Raza Khan, Suraya Islam and Zaibun Nisa Hussain (Pakistan) Read how Tulika Bhatija, an Educator and Peace Builder from India met and developed a great bond with Suraya Islam, Zaibun Nisa Hussain and Raza Khan from Pakistan whom all she met as part of her peace building activities between India and Pakistan.

14) “She is my strength, my love guru”: Story of Atiqa (Pakistan) and Abha (India) Read the wonderful bond of two peace educators from India and Pakistan.

15) “We shared and laughed together at the criticism on our friendship”: Story of Dawood Abbasi (Pakistan) and Pratyush Pandey (India) Read the story of Dawood Abbasi (Pakistan) and Pratyush Pandey (India) who met in Paris and how their friendship grew, how they confronted the criticism they faced and their golden advice to all. 

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  1. Hi there,

    One of my best friends is Indian, I am Uk Pakistani, we met at university over 20 years ago and have kept in touch over by email at first and now by social media, especially WhatsApp.

    We are encouraged by Imran Khan and his counterparts and friends in India making positive overtures to one another.

    India and Pakistan were twin separated and birth and it’s high time that they were reconciled as we are brother nations in every sense.

    Congratulations on this fantastic site!


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