List of Indo-Pak Prisoners

In view of building trust, Aaghaz-e-Dosti is releasing the details of the Indian and Pakistani prisoners lodged in each other’s jail. This was probably the first time in July 2014 when any such detailed list was made public by Aaghaz-e-Dosti. By this, we hope to facilitate transparency as well as to sensitize people on both sides about each other’s pain and towards the larger goal of peace and humanity.

After the release of First list in July 2014, Now Aaghaz-e-Dosti is again releasing detailed list of Indian and Pakistani Prisoners in each other’s jails. We, at Aaghaz-e-Dosti believe that by doing this, we are not only helping families, activists and advocates but also trying to contribute our own way in larger objective of peacebuilding for which our governments are also working. 

Indian Prisoners and Fishermen in Pakistan :

Ci: Civilian Prisoners

Fi: Fishermen

Jan 2018: 165 (58 Ci 253 Fi – 146 Fi released on 8 Jan)

July 2017: 546 (52 Ci 494 Fi)

Jan 2017: 351 (54 Ci 297 Fi)

July 2016: 518 (463 Fi 55 Ci)

Jan 2016: (392 Fi 53 Ci)

July 2015: 403 (48 Ci 355 Fi)

Jan 2015: 526 (50 Ci 476 Fi)

July 2014: 296 (59 Ci 237 Fi)

Jan 2014: 281 (49 Ci 232 Fi)

Pakistani Prisoners in India:

Jan 2018: 344 (250 Ci 94 Fi)

July 2017: 341 (78 Fi, 263 Ci)

Jan 2017: 342 (55 Fi 287 Ci)

July 2016: 37 Fi

July 2015 278 (27 Ci 251 Fi)

Jan 2015 385 (132 Ci 253 Fi)

July 2014 380 (116 Ci 264 Fi)


April 10, 2018; New Delhi/Lahore

Detailed list of Indian and Pakistani prisoners lodged in each other’s jail has been released by Aaghaz-e-Dosti. It is with great surprise and disappointment that we report that the lists provided to us only contains the name and details of parentage. No other details consisting of the nature of crime, capture date, expected release date and update about the case has been provided. We, Aaghaz-e-Dosti have been accessing and releasing the lists since 2014 but this is the first time that lists from both sides have been restricted to this extent.

Indian Prisoners and Fishermen in Pakistan

Indian Civil Prisoners: 58

View/Download List Indian Civil Prisoners

Indian Fishermen: 107 (Out of 253, 146 Fishermen released on 8 January)

View/Download List Indian fishermen

Indian fishermen to release on 8 jan

Pakistani Prisoners and Fishermen in India

Pakistani Civil Prisoners: 250

View/Download List Pakistani prisoners

Pakistani Fishermen: 94

View/Download List Pakistani fishermen

Aaghaz-e-Dosti plans to re-apply for the lists to get the basic information about the Indian and Pakistani prisoners lodged in each other’s jail.


October 10, 2017; New Delhi/Lahore

Detailed list of Indian and Pakistani prisoners and fishermen who are lodged in jails of Pakistan and India, has been released by Aaghaz-e-Dosti, a cross border Indo-Pak Friendship initiative. This is first ever list made available in public portal and comprises names, FIR details and status of prisoners as on July 1, 2017. Details are based upon the list exchanged between the two countries regularly under provisions of the ‘Agreement on consular access between India and Pakistan’ that was signed in 2008 and the recent list was exchanged on July 1, 2017.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is releasing these lists since 2014 as an effort towards sensitizing people towards importance of peace building, to make information on public portal as family members, human rights activists and advocates on both sides can get benefit from the list. First ever effort was made in the year 2014 and since then the initiative do efforts to release this list.

With the list available on its blog, a brief analysis has also been presented.

As on July 1, 2017, there were total 52 Prisoners (civil) and 494 fishermen who are believed to be Indians and were lodged in various jails of Pakistan whereas 263 Prisoners (civil) and 78 fishermen who are believed to be Pakistanis were lodged in various jails in India.

Indian Fishermen in Pak Jails.compressed

Among the total 494 Indian fishermen who were lodged in Pakistani jails have been completed their sentence while still in jail. Among them, nationality status is not confirmed for 417 (approx. 85%) fishermen.

Indian Prisoners in Pakistani Jails

In the total 52 prisoners, 39 persons (75%) have been completed their sentence but could not be released yet. Among these 39 who have completed their sentence, nationality is not confirmed for 37 persons. In addition, there are 3 persons who are under trial and nationality status not confirmed. In the list of all prisoners, there are 5 women and 2 persons who are deaf and dumb were also included. At least 10 persons who completed their sentence even before 2010, could not be released yet due to nationality not confirmed.  

Pak fishermen in Indian Jails

In Indian side, from the list of total 78 Pakistani fishermen, 61 are still under trials whereas 17 have completed their sentence. Except for 4 persons whose repatriation was shows as ‘in progress’, nationality confirmation is shown awaited for 74 persons.

Pak Prisoners in Indian Jails

There are total 263 prisoners (civil) are in Indian jails who are believed to be Pakistanis. Among these, 60 have completed their sentence, 115 are under trials, 67 are undergoing sentence, no offence registered and nationality not confirmed on 15, 3 persons acquitted and 3 on death sentence. Those who are undergoing sentence include 23 persons who are awarded life sentence. Those who have completed sentence include 12 for whom repatriation was in progress, while for 43 nationalities confirmation was awaited and for 5, NOC was not available from respective state government. In the total list, 4 women and 2 deaf and dumb persons also included.At least 7 persons are those who have completed sentence before 2010 but could not be released due to nationality not confirmed. At least 22 persons are under trials since the year 2008.



Aaghaz-e-Dosti also analysed the list and stated that our objective to putting it up on public portal is to make people sensitize that situation is not different either side. Both sides maintain almost equal numbers of prisoners and fishermen cumulatively. However the greater objective is to see if this list can provide help to families of victims and their advocates as many times even families are not aware if their family member is in jail of other country.

list that is updated till 01 July 2015, that total 48 Indian prisoners (civil) were in Pakistani jails where approx 60% i.e. 29 prisoners (including 5 women prisoners)  had already completed the sentence awarded to them but they are unable to come due to their nationality not confirmed.  Sentence of 13 prisoners have completed even during the year 2002 to 2010, but they are unable to return due to nationality issue.  List also include 1 prisoner who is deaf and dumb and therefore nothing is certain about him, however names and parentage is not known for 2 other prisoners.  Long punishment (of more than 5 years and up to 25 years) awarded in only 10 cases, while for all others, punishment is within 2 years. Long punishments were awarded under Pakistan Army act and Officials Secrets Act.

Download: Indian Prisoners in Pak Jails July 2015

With this analysis, it is observed that even when punishment is within two years, prisoners are lodged since long time due to other reasons such as ascertaining their nationality, that may be attributed to other factors such as bureaucratic hurdles or not getting proper advocacy and support.   

355 nos. of Indian fishermen were lodged in Pakistani jails where 352 had already been completed their sentence but 218 of these were unable to return due to reason of nationality status not confirmed.

Download: Indian Fishermen in Pak Jails July 2015

It is also observed that in the list of all 27 nos. of Pakistani fishermen lodged in Indian jails, Nationality status is not confirmed in all cases.  In this list, all fishermen are undertrial (while 1 fisherman got arrested in 2010, 14 in 2013, 12 in 2014 and others later) and no sentence awarded to them except of 1 prisoner who is acquitted.  All cases are registered under under u/s 3,10,7,14 MZI Act (JMFC Dwarka).

Download: Pak Fihsermen in Indian Jails July 2015

Among the 251 total Pakistani civilians held in Indian jails, 102 are still undertrial while 55 (including 1 deaf and dumb and 1 woman) completed their sentence and unable to return due to reasons of nationality status. 7 persons acquitted from charges, but due nationality status and not filing of acquittal appeal from J&K govt, they are unable to return.  There are 2 persons against whom offence could not registered as their mental condition is not sound.  Death row prisoners are 2 and persons who get life term are 22 in numbers.

Download: Pak Prisoners in Indian Jails July 2015


Around 250-300 Indian and Pakistani prisoners are languishing in each other’s prisons. These prisoners also include fishermen.

As we see, their fate seems to be tied to “goodwill” gestures. Their fate is directly impacted by the Indo-Pak relations yet we do not know anything about them other than their numbers. They are reduced to statistics. Also, there may be unfortunate cases wherein the family of the prisoner may not be aware about his/her whereabouts and may still be searching. They may also be unaware of the crime under which he/she may have been booked.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is a committed initiative that works to foster peace and friendship between these two countries. We aim to challenge mutual suspicion and distrust. We aim to aware people on both sides about each other’s pain.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti has accessed the details regarding their status, name and FIR under which they are detained.


List of Pakistani prisoners in Indian Jails

List of Pakistani fishermen in Indian jails

List of Indian Prisoners in Pakistani Jails

List of Indian Fishermen in Pakistani Jails


Pakistani fishermen data as on 1 July 2013

According to the list available for Pakistani prisoners lodged in Indian jails, there are 238 prisoners and 107 fishermen as on 1 July 2013.

Some shocking facts emerged from the fishermen data. From the total list of 107 fishermen, there are 46 fishermen (approx 43% of total arrested fishermen) for whom the offence was not registered till 01.07.2013 in spite of their arrest date 07 Jan 2013 (of 14 fishermen) and 22.02.2013 (of 32 fishermen).  All remaining 61 fishermen were under trial in spite of their arrest in the year 2011 (2 fishermen), 2012 (21 fishermen) and 2013 (38 fishermen).  It means that from among the arrested fishermen, approx 43% are under arrest without registering any offence, while 57% remains under trial.

Pakistani prisoner data as on 1 July 2013

Total 278 pakistani prisoners (excluding fishermen) were lodged in Indian jails as on 01.07.2013.

*Among these prisoners, offence has not been registered for 5 prisoners.

*48 prisoners have completed their sentence but are still lodged. 27 of them are awaiting the nationality confirmation from Pakistan High Commission). Few of them had completed their sentence in 2007/2008. Few others are awaiting NOC from respective Indian states as well as Nationality confirmation from Pakistani High commission.

*6 are acquitted but are still lodged as they are waiting for NOC and Nationality confirmation. Two of them were arrested in 2000.  

*1 prisoner faces death sentence

 *139 are under trial

*79 are undergoing sentence (including 21 for life sentence)

*There are 11 women prisoners

Indian Fishermen Data as on 1 January 2014

Total Fishermen: 232 

Includes: 7 Persons confirmed in Youthful offenders Industrial School Karachi and consular access was not provided to any of them. They all were considered as under trials however it was not mentioned that when they were arrested.

 Rest 225 lodged in Jails.

From these 225 fishermen, 127 were under trial. (52% undertrial)

From rest 98 fishermen, 8 completed their sentence but lodged in jail additionally since more than 10 months as their National Status not confirmed. While for 90 others (40% of total fishermen), sentence completed and Nationality Status also completed but they were lodged in jails additionally for more than 10 months due to reasons not clear.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti thinks that it may include documentation or other bureaucratic hurdles and it is possible that many of them were released in subsequent months.

Indian Prisoners’ Data as on 1 January 2014

Total Civilian Prisoners lodged: 49 

 From 49 prisoners, Nationality was not confirmed for 29 persons (59%) and 17 of these 29 persons had already completed their sentence. 4 of them had completed their sentence since the year 2006 and 2007 but still imprisoned due to Nationality Status not confirmed.

1 prisoner is in jail despite his nationality status confirmed and sentence completed.

3 persons were under trial in total 49 prisoners.

2 persons were awarded death sentence.


*Note: Please note that Aaghaz-e-Dosti is not responsible for any mistake in typing or in providing information. These information are produced here by AeD in view of the fact and of opinion that it may facilitate families from both sides to know details of their relatives, wards and it is being done on completely humanitarian angle. Information will be updated time to time by our team.


Aaghaz-e-Dosti is writing letter to Ministry of external affairs in this regard. Also, it invites suggestions from people of India and Pakistan to make a framework of guidelines that will be submitted to both the government of India and Pakistan for a more fair treatment of these prisoners and fishermen. Aaghaz-e-Dosti is writing to Pakistani High Commission, New Delhi to take up the cases of prisoners who are lodged in jails here even after completing sentence only due to awaiting confirmation of nationality.   

  1. I was looking for Indians in Pakistan detention. Can you provide me


  2. The list has only pakistan prisoners in india . Do you also have the list of indians in pakistan jails ?


  3. Y the government s having such a laid back attitude..prisoners who have completed their sentence n waiting for nationality confirmation shud b processed n approved faster ..government shud take d case on fast track n get d ppl to their motherland n family as fast as possible..its matter of someone’s life n no one has the rite to play with it.


  4. Hello my brother jail in India 2003 a rest in Kashmir bibagh camp Indian where jail name irfan Abdul qadir bajwa pls check where jail


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