74 years ago, India and Pakistan emerged as two sovereign countries from British India. Lines were drawn on land, water and even in the sky. They took different political turns. Their relations saw many ups and downs. There have been several instances of open conflicts. There have been instances where the relation had almost reached a dead end. 

But beyond politics, beyond the control of minds, there are hearts which are still full of love and hope. Following every political clash, there were attempts by the civil society in both countries to rekindle the hopes. And each time, they managed to win hearts because they were only bringing out the hidden love and desire for peace which rests in every heart. 

An average Indian and a Pakistani have the same secret desire to cross the border, atleast once. They want to see what people on the “other” side eat, how they talk, how they look and how they think. And if it is to be believed what those lucky people who have visited says, they will be highly ‘disappointed’ because it is just the same there. We share a common history, a common language, a common culture and even a common desire. 

With a huge sense of pride, the third generation would narrate how their grandparents had crossed the borders. There is a “Lahore Driving School” in Delhi. People on both sides are consciously trying to preserve this fact of migration. The images of the past, the nostalgia are still being invoked, after 70 years, after all the political clashes and fluctuating relations.

It shows the common desire which is to build strong ties of friendship and brotherhood. India and Pakistan has even the same political, economic and social challenges to fight with. So why to keep the falsely constructed distance?

Let these barriers only be political (administrative) ones because socially and culturally there are no barriers. These barriers have been constructed and have to be demolished. The barriers of suspicion and hatred are also constructed and have to be demolished too. And these barriers cannot be removed by people with bodyguards or with guns. They can be removed by people who are faceless in crowds and voiceless in a chorus. They can be removed only by the so-called “common people” or the aam insaan.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti (lit. beginning of Friendship) seeks to enhance people-to-people relations. It seeks to become the medium to discover and recognise the misrepresented reality on the other side of the border. Aaghaz-e-Dosti was started in 2012 and it encourages volunteers to work for peace, particularly through peace education. 

There have been collaborating organisations for individual events. We join individuals and like-minded organisations to join us in our mission.

Join us..Let’s create a new chapter of peace and friendship.

  1. Roop Chand Makhnotra

    It is a healthy initiative and need of hour we activists of (Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement) Jammu Kashmir fully endorse the whole your “StandOut” action


  2. Joseph Karipel

    Those who hate or create trouble are people who have a problem with their inherent selves, they need help… hating an innocent person or for that matter even a person with hatred against you; out to be considered as one who badly needs reformation. Peace cannot be attained by picking up a weapon to settle disputes; as people we ought to endeavour with persistence to go spread our love through expression and reduce hatred to nothing.
    “Eye for an eye will turn the whole world blind”… Mahatma Gandhi.
    Politicians should be considered like the old saying…. “barking dogs seldom bite !” … but they teach and train others to bite !!!
    Those who want to fight, should be the first ones to seek others who want to fight and settle scores and not drag others into their ordeals.
    Nevertheless, when friendship and love amongst both communities rise, hatred will naturally take a back seat in time. Little things like .. say cricket matches between India and Pakistan needn’t necessary be anticipated as a MUST WIN saga. I have had Pakistani friends, whom I have genuinely liked and noticed they are a hearty lot in general [highly emotional].
    I don’t know about the retreat ceremony at the Wagah border, it’s a very emotional sight. It can be compared with the story of Karna and the Panadavas in the Mahabharatha… I think it should be changed from an aggressive atmosphere of the jawans from both sides to a friendly one; without gestures of aggression and physical challenge [although they don’t mean it and that it ends with a hand shake…]. I feel it can increase the hype or negative emotion/s of those who already have existing animosity towards one and another of either side..
    Anyway lets hope for the best, a better future for at least our future generations….


  3. I congratulate to all peace activists of India who are participating in the coming seminar to be held on 11 Jan 2020. May this forum open new horizons for the peace between both India and Pakistan
    Fr. Joseph kalithal is the real man of peace and peace ambassador. I salute him. May God be at his side always.

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  4. Now the time has come to love each other


  5. I collaborated with this group in 2017 and it was a wonderful project between our students and their team. It’s an excellent way to bridge gap and feelings of negativity between Pakistan & India. It promoted so much empathy and social skills among students.


    • An excellent project. Why can’t India and Pakistan be friends?
      – Prof. Mangesh Rege, (Retired) Professor of ‘Mathematics, NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya.


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