Indo-Pak Visa

India and Pakistan has a very strict visa regime. There is also a lack of information among the people about how to apply, the documents required and the rules concerning the application and travel. This makes them victims of not just fraud but can land them in more serious legal trouble.

We appeal to people to always cross-check information with the high commission and their respective ministries. Traveling to India/Pakistan is not only difficult but can be very dangerous if one does not follow the rules. Given the political situation and security concerns, it is not advisable to violate norms or take them casually.

The information that we are providing here is based on the information given on the website of the high commissions and the concerned ministries. The general instructions or warnings are based on the experiences of people who have traveled across the border. 

Pakistani Visa for Indian Nationals

India and Pakistan have a strict visa policy and though tourist visa is being proposed, it has still not been implemented. There are no official tourist companies or agencies who can get you a visa to visit Pakistan. Please do not trust any individual whom you do not know properly, met through internet to travel or to help them travel.

Types of Visa

  • Visitor Visa – Issued to Relatives and Friends to visit them, attend marriage function.

Please note that it is not confirmed that friends can invite their Indian friends to visit Pakistan as according to Pakistan High Commission Visa officials, visitor visa is only for relatives. Kindly confirm with them. 

  • Conference Visa – Conferences or Events which have permission of the Ministries to host an International event and invite Pakistanis

Please ensure that the organisers have permission. Also do not transfer conferences fees as there are no legal ways of transferring money from India to Pakistan.

  • Student Visa – Visa issued to students to study in an Indian University
  • Medical Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Journalist Visa
  • Diplomatic-Official Visa
  • Pilgrimage Visa – Pilgrimage Visa is issued to a group of pilgrims (more than 10) visiting religious sites in Pakistan.

Download the forms from the official Pakistan High Commission Website. The link for consular services is

  • The application should be typed, printed and signed in original
  • Please ensure that you take all the documents with you (Please see the required documents for different types of visas on the Pakistan High Commission Website)
  • Affidavits for Visitor Visa are required in original

General Instructions

Here are some instructions. Ignoring and violating norms can land one (and the host/organiser) in serious legal trouble. On both sides, all applications are thoroughly checked.

  • Do not refer people whom you do not know properly. Even if you are not the main host and is approached to be the contact person for a particular city, do not refer until and unless you know the person properly including his/her family background.
  • Do not travel with people (Visit Visa) whom you do not know properly
  • Do not fill any wrong information in the form. Do not hide any information
  • Travel only for the purpose that you stated in your visa application. Do not travel if the event has been cancelled, postponed or if you got visa after the event has passed.
  • Do not visit cities that are not mentioned on your visa
  • Do not take or carry back the local sim of the country you are visiting/visited. It is illegal.
  • Do not take or bring back maps or any controversial/banned literature

There have been cases where people have been inquired months after their travel to India/Pakistan so do not think that you can get away with anything. There have been cases where the hosts have got into trouble because the visitor did not follow a norm. When you travel to India/Pakistan, you travel on the guarantee of someone and so you are responsible not just for yourself but for your host.

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