Articles by Aaghaz-e-Dosti Members

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is also working on the issues through writing on various issues concerning the Indo-Pak relations. Here are their articles categorised according to the theme. These articles have appeared in mainstream and progressive newspapers and blogs of India, Pakistan and other countries.

Art & Media

Connecting the India’s Zindagi with Pakistan’s by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Innovation in Indian Television: Connecting lives across the Border by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Contributing to a culture of mutual peace and understanding: Zindagi Channel by Devika Mittal (India)

Importance of cross-border media: My experience of Indian TV serials by Shakeel Ahmed Shah (Pakistan)

Breaking the war through Art by Ravi Nitesh (Pakistan)

The Weapon of miscommunication by Devika Mittal (India)

Border Clashes

The Border Clash and Jingoism: We don’t have to pacify ourselves but realise by Devika Mittal (India)

Cross-Border Experiences

Crossroads – From G.T. Road to G.T. Road by Shayan Khan (Pakistan)

Nostalgic for Places I’ve Never Been… by Shayan Khan (Pakistan)

When My Enemies Became My Saviors by Aliya Harir (Pakistan)

Returned With Love: My Experience of Visiting Pakistan by Devika Mittal (India)

One Heart but Two Owners by Aliya Harir (Pakistan)

Indo-Pak Relations: Bright Eyes, with Colors of Love & Peace by Ravi Nitesh (India)

An evening in Liberty: Lahore Memoirs by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Story of the Border: Lahore Memoirs by Ravi Nitesh (India)


Spirituality Connects by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Remembering Khushwant Singh by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Lala of Lahore And Lion of Punjab: Lala Lajpat Rai by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Expulsion of Indian Journalists: A Retrograde step by Pakistan by Ravi Nitesh (India)

India, Pakistan share a culture, language – and the same evils by Devika Mittal (India)

In memory of Nirmala Deshpande by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Celebrating Pakistan Day in India by Devika Mittal (India)

The legacy of Sir Ganga Ram by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Bhagat Singh: A connected past for a connected future by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Weaving back through culture by Ravi Nitesh (India)


Fishermen still waiting by Ravi Nitesh (India)

The Plight of Indo-Pak Fishermen and the Need to Appreciate Economic Rights by Ravi Nitesh (India)

On Importance of Peace-Building

Technology for peace-building between India & Pakistan by Madhuri Mittal (India)

Beyond the Borders by Devika Mittal (India)

Peace: the only way forward by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Same Nations, Same Challenges 66 years of Indo-Pak Independence by Ravi Nitesh (India)


What India and Pakistan needs to learn from Germany by Devika Mittal (India)

An Eye for an Eye and the Whole World Goes Blind by Shayan Khan (Pakistan)

The memory of partition must become invalid now by Devika Mittal (India)


Sarabjit, Sanaullah and We the Common People across the borders by Ravi Nitesh (India)


Siachen – The Cold War by Shayan Khan (Pakistan)

Let the Sia (Rose) Live: Save Siachen by Ravi Nitesh (India)

India and Pakistan: NJ 9842 and Beyond by Ravi Nitesh (India)

Visa Issues

When would there be no visa restrictions on my travel to Pakistan? by Madhavi Bansal (India)

Relax Visa: Move towards friendship by Ravi Nitesh (India)

India and Pakistan: Visa for trust and friendship by Devika Mittal (India)


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