Aaghaz-e-Dosti aims to eradicate mutual hatred and suspicion to create unwavering bonds of peace and friendship. This is because we believe that miscommunication and lack of communication has helped sustain the conflict.  To meet our objective, Aaghaz-e-Dosti has taken several initiatives ranging from interactive sessions in schools to public demonstrations, from art-based initiatives to writing articles and issuing statements to disseminate the misrepresented voice across the border. 

Aaghaz-e-Dosti has complied several measures to increase people-to-people communication for improving Indo-Pak relations. These suggestions have been submitted to the Pakistan High Commission and Ministry of External Affairs in India and Indian High Commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan with the hope that the two governments will consider and implement the best among these things to ensure stronger bonds of Peace and Friendship.

These are some of the immediate demands of our campaign. We believe that these demands to increase and facilitate Indo-Pak people to people relations will lead to a culture of mutual peace and understanding. 

*Telecom Partnerships Allowing and encouraging partnerships of telecom companies on both sides, so that our telecommunication can work without restrictions while traveling in each other’s country. Presently, we lack such partnership as while phones of other countries work in India/Pakistan on international roaming, we do not allow the same for each other. 

*Official Tour programmes Start of official tour programs to encourage travel tourism in each other country. It is required to increase tourism for better understanding and cultural exchanges and sharing of knowledge. 

*Official Money Exchange Counters Establish and maintain official money exchange counters at immigration centers and in major cities of India and Pakistan. Information regarding these counters can be printed on visa forms as well. 

*Bank Partnerships Allowing and encouraging partnership of banks on both sides so that online money transfer can be done between both countries. To start with, it can be done with specific measures such as limited amount transfer or information regarding amount transfer to government etc. 

*Government Souvenir shops An official initiative of opening government souvenir shop in capital cities of India and Pakistan for each other’s country can be done, to promote the information about cultural heritage that we carry as well as to provide an opportunity to each other’s citizen to know about each other. 

*Television Channels Partnerships Allowing and encouraging television channels to make partnerships to broadcast their services in each other’s country. Television is one of the strongest medium to understand about each other’s society.

We believe that these steps can be crucial in breaking stereotype of minds and in the long run, foster a culture of understanding, peace and friendship.

  1. Very noble, humble and altruistic aims. My duas are with you.
    Allah Hafeez
    Dr. Yamin Memon
    Life Member Indian Red Cross, Ahmedabad. India.


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