We invite individuals and organisations to become a part of our initiatives. While anyone can sign up to be a volunteer, only those who contribute will be recognised as a volunteer and given due credit and a certificate when required. On the basis of participation, they may also be given a responsibility and eventually, invited to be a part of the team.

As a volunteer, what can you do?

*Organise an event in your city, college and country

*Contribute through poems, articles, videos

*Help in organising events

*Participate in Social Media Initiatives (Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Twitter)

Interested? Join Us! If you cannot commit but still would like to be updated about our activities and be invited to attend, fill the form so that we can add you to our google group

For any queries or feedback, email at

  1. I am a poet, writer and Peace activist. I think this is great Idea to develop linkages between people of both sides of border. (Love and Friendship without Border)


  2. Let us all be free from our individual religions and beliefs and first claim to be humans and help anyone and everyone whom we across in our journey or life…


  3. I think if we youth play a role of our part we can change the history, we can make a new history by bring both nations together for peace.


  4. wow. so so glad to have come across this.


  5. G.Thangarajesh

    In the period of tension and dispute, this kind of job will smoothen the sharpness of the hostility. Good efforts.


  6. My mother is 🇮🇳 and father 🇵🇰,
    I can’t live without them, I wana that my parents should live together with peace & ❤️ love…. long live indo-pak friendship …


  7. I think by taking part in this adventure I can play a bit part for peace making in subcontinent


  8. Peaceful co-existence is in the interest of both countries. On top level leaders meet each other get protocol on arrival and departure from each others country, eat to gather,, exchange gifts and the hurdles are created only for the divided families to suffer on account of “jazbati soch and false propaganda , why not people to people contact should not be expanded. At the same time sports, films, dramas all recreational activities should be extended at a greater level.


  9. Charanjit Singh Kahlon

    I like to see some progress for sure


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