Social Media Campaigns

Aaghaz-e-Dosti utilises social media as a platform to educate people about the ‘other’ side, connect people of India and Pakistan, facilitate discussions and develop understanding of the conflict and faith in peace-building and conflict resolution.

We do so by publishing positive stories, experiences and views of people across the border. Our social media pages especially our Facebook group is a platform for people to connect with people across the border, share their experiences, thoughts for peace and represent their country, culture to break stereotypes across the border.

We also run various virtual campaigns on our social media pages that include:

  1. “Indo-Pak Tea Time” that carries stories, poems and messages of ordinary Pakistani and Indian citizens for indo-pak peace.
  1. “Did You Know” which features interesting Facts about both countries like for instance Did you know Manmohan Singh was born in Kasur, Pakistan? Did you know Pervez Musharaf was born in Delhi, India?
  1. “On this day in history” which presents a list of historical events about Pakistan and India
  1. “Exploring Indo-Pak” which presents photographs that highlight the similarities between India and Pakistan or the spirit of Indo-Pak
  1. “Shabd Sandooq” that publishes meaning of an English word in Spoken Urdu of Pakistan and Spoken Hindi of India
  1. “Indo-Pak Quiz” that asks interesting questions related to Indo-Pak relations and peace building process. We use this quiz to educate people about the issues of conflict as well as about positive efforts for peace building
  1. “Know your Neighbor” Photos to familiarize and shatter stereotypes about the other side of the border (Pakistan) (India)

Our Social Media Pages

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