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While the visa regime between the both countries with the issuance of city visas, no tourist visa, visit visa restricted for families, requirement of attestation by Class A officers and other strict regulations is already terrible, fear, stereotypes and misconceptions also ensure that Indians and Pakistanis do not think of crossing the border to meet each other. However, we present here some travelogues wherein people who have been to the other side of the border share their experiences.

Travelogues by Pakistanis

Indo-Pak Travelogue: A New Lease of Life in India… by Mahpara (Lahore)

From One Home to Another… A Pakistani’s Experience of India by Syed Zeeshan Ali Shah (Islamabad)

“Things Changed When I Wore My Pakistani Jersey”: Experience of a Pakistani in India by Talha Dar (Islamabad)

A Pakistani’s visit to India during a war-frenzy subcontinent by Urwah Sultana (Lahore)

A Caravan of Peace by Afzal Rahim Yousafzai (KPK)

Embracing the ‘Enemy’ by Mehwish Riza (Islamabad)

Divided by Boundaries, United through Hearts! by Laraib Abid (Lahore)

Crossroads – From G.T. Road to G.T. Road by Shayan Khan (Lahore)

Lahore-Nagpur-Delhi… A Pakistani’s Sojourn in India by Saadia Mazhar (Lahore)

When I crossed the No Man’s Land… by Saadia Sabir (Islamabad)

I feel like India is my second home – Experience of a Pakistani girl in India by Namra Nasir (Lahore)

A Pakistani in Delhi by Yusra Hayat

One Heart but Two Owners: India and Pakistan by Aliya Harir (Islamabad)

Travelogues by Indians

Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore by Madhavi Bansal (Delhi)

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore, Kya Mumbai Kya Karachi… by Faisal Latif (Bihar)

At Home in Pakistan – Experience of an Indian in Lahore by Pranava Pakala (Delhi)

Story of the Border: Lahore Memoirs by Ravi Nitesh (Delhi)

An Evening in Liberty : Lahore Memoirs by Ravi Nitesh (Delhi)

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