Aman Chaupal

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To most of us, who desire and support Indo-Pak friendship or realise the power of peace, friendship between the two nations matter. If it doesn’t matter, it should because these many years of hatred have given us nothing to boast about. Hatred has robbed our economy, robbed our hearts of love and humanity and has meant loss of innocent lives on both sides.

It is time to realise the power and more importantly, the need for peace. But peace not just to save our ever-depleting economies but to realise the simple truth that the barbed wires could not stop people from sharing. We share a history, culture, language, our values. We share the desire for a peaceful and prosperous life and sadly, we also share the misconception that there is hatred on the other side of the border. We share mistrust and suspicion.

Through Aaghaz-e-Dosti (lit. start of friendship), we support, collaborate and organize initiatives to enhance people to people communication to disrupt these flows of misconceptions. Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an initiative of India-based Mission Bhartiyam and Pakistan-based The Catalyst – TC.

When we talk about communication, we love stories and experiences. As  our traditional way of views sharing, we know about ‘Chaupal’ where people assemble to share views. We are going to revive this in the form of Aman Chaupal. In this chaupal, someone from or someone who has been to the other side of the border will address views and curiosities. The session will be informal and interactive. It will be based entirely on the questions. The guests will be from diverse backgrounds – media, sports, artists, writers, poets,  activists, bureaucrats or any common person.

Through Aman Chaupal, we hope to present the side of our neighbor which we often do not get to know about. 

Venue: Any college/school/workplace/organization

Time: 45-60 minutes for Aman Chaupal 

To organise Aman Chaupal, send us an email at

Till now, we have conducted 19 Aman Chaupal sessions in schools and colleges in India and Pakistan.

Read: First and Second Aman Chaupal with Peace activist from Pakistan Saeeda Diep at Columbia Foundation School and South Asian University, New Delhi 

Third Aman Chaupal with Senior Journalist from Pakistan Raza Rumi at Indraprastha School, New Delhi

Fourth Aman Chaupal with Journalist-Activist from Pakistan Kiran Nazish at Rainbow School, New Delhi

Fifth & Sixth Aman Chaupal with Aamir Nawaz, President of MAAS Theatre(Pakistan) at JNU and South Asian University, New Delhi

Seventh Aman Chaupal at Delhi University Social Centre Co-ed School, New Delhi

Eighth and Ninth Aman Chaupal with Pakistani Students Fatima Parveen and Poonamchand Chauhan at AAM Foundation Centres, New Delhi

Tenth Aman Chaupal with Former Indian Journalist in Pakistan, Meena Menon, at Andhra Education Society, New Delhi

Eleventh Aman Chaupal with Indian Delegates at the Indus Group of Colleges, Islamabad

Twelfth Aman Chaupal via Video Conferencing: Pakistani youths interact with students of Headstart School, Bangalore

Thirteenth Aman Chaupal via video conferencing: Pakistani youths interacts with students of Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore 

Fourteenth Aman Chaupal with Pakistani Art Activist Shoaib Iqbal in ALS, Delhi

Fifteenth Aman Chaupal: Indian Peace Activists interact with students in Karachi through video conferencing

Sixteenth Aman Chaupal: Indian Youth Activist interact with students of Excellent Education Center in Lahore

Seventeenth Aman Chaupal: Indian Youth Activists interact with students of Punjab University (Lahore)

Eighteenth Aman Chaupal: Indian Youth Activists interacts with students of Resource Academia School in Lahore

Nineteenth Aman Chaupal: Pakistani Peace Activist, South Asian University student share their experience with Karachi students

Pakistan is a land of Diversity: Pakistani students dispel stereotypes during Aman Chaupal in a Delhi School


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