Indo-Pak Pen Pals: Letter Exchange Program

“Indo-Pak Pen Pals” is a letter exchange program between students of schools in India and Pakistan. The aim of the program is to facilitate one to one contact between Indian & Pakistani school students under the supervision of trained educators.

In this initiative, a series of letters are shared among randomly paired students from both the countries. Through the dialogue, the students are encouraged to look beyond the obvious and question stereotypes in order to promote critical thinking.

First “Indo-Pak Pen Pals” Program – Grade 6 students of Ecole Mondiale World School (Mumbai, India) and Syed Ideal School System (Islamabad, Pakistan)

Second “Indo-Pak Pen Pals” Program – TNS Beaconhouse School (Lahore, Pakistan) and Happy Hours School (New Delhi, India)

Third “Indo-Pak Pen Pals” Program – Matoshri English Medium School (Pune, India) and Beaconhouse School System (Karachi, Pakistan)

If you want to participate as a school or join us to help, write to

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