Peace: the only way forward

by Ravi Nitesh


A lot has already been said about the relationship between India and Pakistan. From their separation, to wars between them, to issues of conflicts, many things have been written and said through many angles by writers and speakers. The only thing that remains is communication, yes, communication with each other. Intellectual articles are available on the web, but it doesn’t mean that we know each other very well. Besides this, it is also felt that it is the common man on both sides between whom the real communication is required.

The two countries are similar in many ways, both are dealing with similar developmental issues and both have a major part of population that consists of lower and middle class families. We happily accept that we were one, we all were living together, but then why have we become too weak to communicate? Just a geographical partition will be able to make difference in our lives? No, it must not. Our lives are still the same and will remain like that. Strategically, both the countries are situated in a very important geographical area. Both have their own importance (associated with internal and external politics) in Asian and world context. In view of all these, the only way to move ahead is the way of peace and love. Here, it must be noted that bonding with each other must not be based on helplessness, rather it should be natural. One salutary factor is that the natural feeling is already there, we just have to give it a chance, a chance to meet with each other, just like two fragrances that cannot be identified apart when mixed. The same theory should be adopted here in the case of the two nations. We should focus on more and more interaction with each other. Many initiatives are going on between the two nations, but almost all of them are limited to political dialogue. Some very good activities have been organised in the field of art and culture, but most of these are limited to big cities and a few people. At a time when we accept and believe that there is no other way than living together, will it not be a true initiative to start people to people communication in more appropriate and easy way? Though, the effective communication will again require to address many issues and political initiatives will certainly help much, but initiatives from the people and organisations can attract major changes. These initiatives should start with the organisations and individuals that believe in social solidarity and peace. This can be started with small steps like talking with each other on social platforms, sharing the situations and social news of one another and creating social dialogues on a joint platform. Initiatives should also include children as the first priority because they are the future citizens of society and they will lead the society after some years. It will be quite logical to include and focus on them to shape their minds as leaders of peace.

I believe that such initiatives will be taken by the people and will be purely based on love for one another with an objective to form an everlasting attachment. These small steps will be like twinkling stars in the firmament and will assure that dawn is not far off. Let us move ahead on the path of love.

Ravi Nitesh is the founder of Mission Bhartiyam and is in the core committee of Aaghaz-e-Dosti


About aaghazedosti

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative

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