Poem: Till We Meet Again…

by Harleen Kaur (India)


Now, that borders have distanced


I wonder,

How am I ever going to see you again?



Maybe, I’ll become air and

Cross those wires.

I’d caress your hair as I used to

With my delicate hands,

Under the moonlight.

Do you remember my touch?



Or, I’ll become a fish and run with

Chenab or Jhelum.

I hope when you see me

You’ll hold me with your manly hands,

Like you used to clench my waist.

(I won’t fear death now,

Because in a jiff I’ll wake up to eternity).



Or, I’ll become a bird,

I’d carry oomph of this land in my feathers


Bring it to you.

I hope you’ll run your fingers through those

Feathers and feel it,

As you used to…

I’d sing songs of freedom.



Freedom, well, I still wonder,

How people confined in barbed wires be free?



I’ll live in the air.

Hanging from this tree of love.

With a two metres of clothe around my neck,

That couldn’t save me from fiends.


I’ll be hanging here.

Till the land underneath both of us become one.

Till we meet again.


*This Painting has been made by Saurabh Singh, a student of Gujarat Public School (Vadodara, India) and is a copyright of Aaghaz-e-Dosti.

Harleen Kaur has pursued English literature from University of Delhi. She curates time in pictures and prose.


About aaghazedosti

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative

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