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Call for Stories of Friendship, Love and Nostalgia: “Beyond the Borders” Initiative by Lighthouse South Asia

Lighthouse Storytelling’s South Asian chapter is starting it’s open call for contributions to their Indo-Pak campaign ‘Beyond the Borders’: a project aimed at promoting friendship, love and unity between the people of India and Pakistan. They wish to showcase these stories in the form of creative narratives: whether written, visual or spoken, in an effort to celebrate our connections across borders.

As an official collaborator to Lighthouse South Asia’s campaign, Aaghaz-e-Dosti invites you to contribute to this initiative through submitting your story via the form 

If you wish to contribute in a different way, apart from written submissions, we also look forward to spoken word presentations (audio or video), interview/podcast sessions, video documentary/story and other art forms centred around the same theme of unity between the two countries. If you need help in documenting your story, we are here to help! (Write to us at

The only area to exclude is going in depth about political, religious or other controversial topics as that is not the only side we are trying to portray, otherwise engaging and insightful discussions are welcome. 

For further questions you may contact the heads of the campaign at: or or contact Aaghaz-e-Dosti at

We look forward to receiving your stories!

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