13th Indo-Pak Classroom Connect: Water conservation connects children across borders

13th indopak classroom connect aaghaz-e-dosti (4)

Environment is a global issue. Natural calamities do not see political and administrative borders. It is imperative that the states understand this, co-operate and learn from each other. 

With this understanding, the 13th Indo-Pak Classroom connect session connected students of Gyan Mandir Public School, Delhi and Beaconhouse School, Karachi and facilitated a dialogue on water conservation.

The session began by an introduction on the challenge of water conservation and water pollution in the South Asian context. 

13th indopak classroom connect aaghaz-e-dosti (9)This was followed by students interacting with each other. The students on both sides shared how people in their countries view the challenge of water conservation. The students on Indian side highlighted that people have ignored this problem. They waste water. The students on the Pakistan side stated that the situation is not any different on their side. 

They took turns to list out the sources of water pollution in their respective countries. Commonalities were noted. Then then delved on to share some methods being followed for conservation of water. The Indian students through charts explained the water harvesting and roof water conservation method that they read about in their textbooks. The Pakistan side also talked about methods and some initiatives that were being taken. 13th indopak classroom connect aaghaz-e-dosti (3)

On both sides, the students were taking notes. Ms Anju Anand, teacher co-ordinator from Gyan Mandir Public School, highlighted that  it is important to learn from each other when we face the same challenges. Environment, Climate change, pollution are immediate as well as South Asian and global issues. We need to find solutions together. Sharing ideas is one of the methods. 

From the Pakistan side, Ms Amber Sajid from Beaconhouse School agree with Ms Anju’s thoughts on the need to collaborate on thinking, implementing ideas on these common challenges. She further added that this session was conducted as part of the Environmental management subject. Having this session was like a practical class. They researched on their country’s concerns, challenges for water conservation and could share it with the neighboring country who was also facing a similar challenge, understanding in this process that solutions come when we learn to co-operate, share ideas and implement them together. 

Indo-Pak Classroom Connect is an initiative of Aaghaz-e-Dosti. It connects an Indian and a Pakistani classroom through video conferencing to facilitate dialogue amongst students. This was the 13th Indo-Pak Classroom Connect session. If you want to conduct it in your school, write to us at aaghazedosti@gmail.com 



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