Discussion on Indo-Pak peace with Rev. Fr. Jerry Rosario and Rev. Fr. Joseph Kalathil from India


On 16th October, Aaghaz-e-Dosti Lahore Chapter organised a discussion on Indo-Pak Peace with Rev. Fr. Jerry Rosario SJ and Rev. Fr. Joseph Kalathil SJ from India. The discussion was a gathering of members and supporters of Aaghaz-e-Dosti. 

Father Joseph from Chandigarh has visited Pakistan several times. This was his sixth visit to Pakistan. He has initiated several letter exchange programs between Indian and Pakistani students and facilitated friendship between them.  This exchange has involved about 6000 students from India and Pakistan.

He said that this conflict between India and Pakistan is suicidal. They are doing damage not to each other, but to themselves. He said that diversity is a gift of nature and we should use it to help each other, rather than to create rifts.

He said that the struggle for Independence was for atleast 90 years and those who fought for independence could not live to enjoy it. We should also work for change so that our future generations. The most important thing in the current situation is peace and we all peace supporters must work for it for a sane and humane future. We should and should always continue to take our steps for peace. Even our small steps will be effective and will contribute for a culture of peace.

Father Jerry emphasised on how we live in a global village where we all are dependent on each other. He talked about a United South Asia for peace and prosperity in the region.

In the interaction, there were delegates from the 20-women peace delegation that had visited India in October to participate in the Global Youth Peace Fest. They shared their experiences of visiting India and interacting with Indians.

Report by Raza Khan – Lahore Co-ordinator of Aaghaz-e-Dosti

View from Photos from the Event


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