Mumbai is mine, Mumbai is yours: A Mumbaikar’s letter for Fawad Khan and All Pakistani Artists


Dear Fawad Khan and All Pakistani Artists of Bollywood,

As you know, some Indian fans, blinded by jingoism wants to hold you accountable for attack on the Indian army and wants you to take responsibility and raise your voice against your establishment. In the face of crisis, such people believe in closing doors to creative opportunities for cross-border exchange. The tone of their arguments are in essence distasteful and maligning; it assumes that in every way India is superior to Pakistan and Pakistani artists are at the mercy of Indian film and music industry. Constant references to ‘we’ are paying you, ‘we’ have made you a star and you are here because of ‘us,’ itself shows that such people cannot promote peace between two nations through cinema, art and music. This is not just an insult to your talent, but your identity as a Pakistani who has been nothing but open, warm and equally reciprocative in giving love. Exchange of arts and talent assumes a sense of equality. Unfortunately, this patronising Indian has made you India’s charity case for cross-border friendship.

But Fawad, your talent, your charming voice, your exceptional acting skills have enriched Bollywood. Despite all the glitz, glamour and the darkness, Bollywood is a confluence of talents beyond borders, religion and nationality. You are a valuable part of the Bollywood industry. As your fan, I would like to say, to you, please sign more films; please don’t reject any offers and please don’t overlook fans who love you and will always love you.

You are the face of Pakistan for thousands of Indians (a very handsome one, need I say more?). Your success and the fame you have earned in India is because you deserve it. Not because, Indian film makers wanted to turn you into a charity case of India and the film industry. You are an actor with profuse talent, you are a drop-dead-gorgeous man and such an actor is very difficult to come by. Pakistan must be proud to have you, and let me say that India is fortunate to have you. WE are fortunate to see you on screen. Continue entertaining us, sharing your love and warmth. And we promise you, you will receive the same in abundance.

India loves you Fawad, and we won’t let jingoistic nationalism and cross-border crisis come in the way of our love for you. We will not let you go to Pakistan. You will stay here. You will stay in Mumbai, and you will continue to entertain us. Mumbai is mine, Mumbai is ours. It belongs to the citizens of this city who have deeply love and admire you.


Your true Indian fan,
Tulika Bathija


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