Letter to Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan to end Siachen dispute and protect lives of soldiers


The Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan

Subject: Protection of Lives of Soldiers on Siachen, End of Siachen Dispute

We, Aaghaz-e-Dosti are a group of youths working for Indo-Pak Peace through various ways such as peace education, advocacy and others.

We know that you, as a head of country are working towards the same through your government as well as through your personal innovative ways that we have seen. We understand that you are aware about core issues of conflict between the two countries and also about victims of these conflicts. We appreciate, respect and support your efforts towards peace.

Recently, an avalanche on Siachen claimed lives of 10 Indian soldiers. Many such avalanche and other climatic incidents over this glacier have claimed lives of soldiers of India and Pakistan both. This is a glacier where dispute of land started in 1984. Since then this glacier deployment of security forces resulted as loss of lives and economy of both countries as more than 200 million dollars is expenditure over this deployment. It is a wonder that this deployment was not even considered necessary till 1984 while India and Pakistan had fought three wars till then.

Many appeals of civil societies were launched to Governments of India and Pakistan in past appealed to declare Siachen as Peace Park and start demilitarization of both armies from there. Despite efforts by previous governments, it could not be achieved as yet. As, now there is change in government and your leadership have shown a positive angle towards resuming talks and resolving disputes, we request you to take up this issue with India/Pakistan and to start resolving Siachen dispute as the precious lives of our soldiers are at the same risk.

As, Siachen is a fairly recent conflict and happened due to lack of adequate dialogues between the two countries, it can be resolved by both governments together. Also, if it will be resolved, it will not only save lives of soldiers, but also economy and glacier environment. It will be able to send a message across the globe that issues can be resolved and India/Pakistan has the will to do that.

With such request, we would also like to add that in addition to declaring it a Peace Park, both countries together can set up a jointly operated laboratory for glacial research in Siachen. This will be more fruitful in view of the objective that a place of conflict can be known as a place from where people are working for global challenges.

We see hope and courage in you to resolve this conflict.


Aliya Harir and Devika Mittal (Conveners)

on behalf of Team Aaghaz-e-Dosti

Sign the online petition https://www.change.org/p/prime-ministers-of-india-and-pakistan-resolve-siachen


About aaghazedosti

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative

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  1. Request to P.M of India and Pakistan to consider it and help stablish peace and love between IndoPak.


  2. M. Salman Arshid

    Lahore, Palistan


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