Story of Junaid (India) and Waqas (Pakistan): They were just a few feet away…

As part of our call to share about their friend(s) beyond the Indopak Border, Muhammad Waqas from Gujrat, Pakistan shared the story of his friendship with Junaid T Golandaz of Mumbai, India:

“About a year ago I happened to meet Junaid T Golandaz who is from Mumbai, India, through a weather forum – as we both are weather lovers.Through this forum our friendship developed and with the passage of time, it turned into a strong bond between us. It has been almost one year, and we have come to become each other’s best friend ever. However, and most importantly, we wanted to meet each other in any way and nature gave us a chance, since Junaid was coming on a trip to north India: Chandigarh-Dharamshala-Manali-Amritsar. His last stop was Amritsar where he was to attend the flag ceremony at the Wagah Border.

It was the 3rd of Janaury 2015, and we made a plan to at least see each other at the Wagah border, though it is really very difficult to find someone amongst hundreds of people across the border line. I went to Lahore and he came from Amritsar. It was a foggy day with nil sunshine, so the overall visibility was very low. Anyhow, the ceremony started and time was just running out. We were unable to find each other and there was no contact between us as mobile networks were jammed in the limited area of Wagah. When the ceremony ended and we were asked to leave the place, I suddenly saw Junaid on other side of the border who was also searching for me here and there frantically. Oh my God, I can’t explain the feelings of seeing your best friend so closely at that time. I somehow got his attention, and we finally saw each other. 🙂 We requested the soldiers at the border to let us meet but in vain. Anyhow, they allowed us to go close to the border gates, and we did. There was hardly a distance of seven-eight feet between us. It was really amazing to talk to and see my best friend so closely, but unfortunately we felt bound due to the line of the border 😦 

And now we have planned to meet soon in another country- maybe Saudi or any other Gulf country. To sum it up, I found a friend who is extremely trustworthy; he has very good habits, which I have never found in anyone else to this day; learned many things from him; and I just pray for my friend to get each and every desire of his fulfilled. May he live a long, healthy and prosperous life. Ameen 🙂

This was made and sent by Waqas

This was made and sent by Waqas


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  1. With very few words the tremendous love of the heart, that knows no man-made political boundaries, the hearts’ eagerness to love as FRIEND, is expressed here. Beautiful story, I hope this principle, Friends without Borders, will cover the Earth. I’m proud of these sterling young men!

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  2. Captain Mohinder Singh

    After going through a couple of lines I reminds me a lot which is full of love for the young and old alike between the people of the Indian sub-continent bifurcated between the two,India and Pakistan,nay three as the Pak got bifurcated by separating their East Pakistan as Bangla Desh..
    As member of Pak-India People’s forum for Peace & Democracy,I had been visiting Pak on alternative years to participate joint conventions. I had attended Peshawar ,Karachi,Lahore and Delhi.Unfortunately atomosphere got some what filthy as not to allow continuance of such meets which was bringing the two people closer..One aim of such conventions had been to allow people of the sub-continent nearer without political interests.In continuation some matches were played and All world Punjabi conferences were held in Punjabi University Patiala .During the matches and language conferances one thing was apparent that people of the sub-continent wished to get nearer and neaer.
    I can’t forget .one lady Urdu professor of Lahore who had said on University stage in 2005,”I belong to Rahon near nawan shehr before migration..29 people o0f my family were murdered which I decide to pardon.But tell me now as to how we proceed further?”.


  3. Captain Mohinder Singh

    Reference above,,none from the audience responded..An other person who said about editing one Urdu magazine name SIASAT FROM iSLAMABAAD.I remember his name as CHOHAAN.He said,”I belong to Nabha which is at a distance of 16 miles from Patiala..All the perifere gates are demolished except one i.e Doladdi Gate.The moment he said this ,I raised my hand to convey that I happen to be from Nabha.After the function I had approached Siasat Editor Chohaan ,”My vehicle is there and I shall take you to Nabha which is half an hour journey.He had declined to oblige..


  4. Fantastic work by Aagaze Dosti volunteers!! This is yet another example that the common people (barring a microscopic percentage of extremists) on both sides are friendly and ordinary folks who foster love in their hearts.

    The hostile environment between the two countries is, as history reads, rooted in the evil-minded British actions during the partition and pre-independence times where they promoted hatred between Hindus and Muslims. The venom has continued from those times and today is being spewed by right-wing extremist elements on both sides who are often in power and/or influential positions — this benefits the West as they can then sell more weapons to both countries.

    We must aim (EVENTUALLY) for complete friendship with neighboring countries and in fact promote the formation of a joint military alliance (between say Pak, China, India, Bangadesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma) somewhat like the NATO. This will boost economic strength and military stability in this region as well as countering any threats by Western economic/military interests.


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