Aaghaz-e-Dosti, Aman ki Asha and Gandhi Global Family organised Peshawar Solidarity Blood Donation Drive

New Delhi: In solidarity with victims of Peshawar school attack, a blood donation drive was organized by Aman ki Asha, Aaghaz-e-Dosti and Gandhi Global Family at Indian Red Cross Society head quarters at New Delhi.Peshawar Solidarity Blood camp in delhi

Around 30 persons turned up to provide their blood for the cause. Organisers told that it is a way to express our solidarity with victims of inhumanity. At a time when every effort counts and every solidarity matters, one can see that how the people in all over India came in support of victims, condemned the attack and expressed their solidarity in this moment of grief. We too participated in these events and we tried to invite people, the common mass to come and join through blood donation. We organized it with the very objective that by this way, we can really be helpful in saving someone’s life and it will be solidarity with those who lost their lives. We want to convey that we respect life and we are against all those who do not respect it. We would like to convey that we all are part of a human family and we stand against all inhumane activities.

It was to note that people participated from all walks of life and many among them were first time donors who registered their solidarity.

It is observed that in this moment, there is a need to register the solidarity with people of Pakistan, as it was an attack upon humanity through which we all are associated regardless of all region, religion or any other identity. People in India and Pakistan are close to each other by heart, schools and organizations in all over India had already expressed their solidarity through observing silence, candle vigils and other ways. 

ravi nitesh peshawar solidarity blood campWe, as a campaign, have seen a flood of messages on our social media accounts and emails from various people to express their solidarity. Now, we are organizing a blood donation camp to express our solidarity and to provide a space to everyone to come and to register their solidarity. With the blood donation, there is a message of love and duty that we all keep within our hearts towards another human being.

With this blood donation drive, we had registered ourprotest against those who do not respect lives, as we know that our blood will be helpful for lives who are in need. Blood donation drive is a purposeful towards spreading the message of peace, friendship and unity, towards standing together with the feeling of ‘us’. It is true that these blood, that will be donated on the day by people of various identities in terms of religion, region and others, will be utilized by people who are in need regardless of their identity.

By this way, we are also trying to give message that we all are part of human family and all other identities have been made by us, only to facilitate us, rather than to create hatred and fight.  We all believe in the society full of love, humanity, peace and unity.

We are also hopeful that through all these works, we will contribute somewhere in sphere of humanity, to let people understand the importance of being together and being humane.Peshawar Solidarity Blood Donation @ Delhi

Issued by:

Aman ki Asha, Aaghaz-e-Dosti, Gandhi Global Family

News published at:

Ministry of External Affairs (Govt. of India) website http://mea.gov.in/articles-in-foreign-media.htm?dtl/24609/IndoPak+peace+groups+organise+Peshawar+solidarity+blood+donation+in+Delhi

Dunya Tv (Pakistan) http://dunyanews.tv/index.php/en/Pakistan/251172-Indian-Red-Cross-Society-launches-blood-donation-d

Aman ki Asha page, The News (Pakistan) http://www.amankiasha.com/detail_news.asp?id=1495


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