Aaghaz-e-Dosti condemns ceasefire violations from both sides; Appeals to restore Peace & Humanity



Since October 1, there has been an exchange of fire on the Indo-Pak border. Both India and Pakistan have been violating the ceasefire. Both have not only killed soldiers but also civilians. The border skirmishes have claimed lives of 9 Pakistanis and 8 Indians. On both sides, many have been injured.

As usual, both countries claim to be only responding. It is not clear that who had started the ceasefire violation. Both countries are accusing each other. 

The media on both sides are worsening the situation. They are circulating different theories explaining the reason for the ceasefire by the “other”. They are only contributing to the culture of jingoism and hatred.

This is not the first time when such violations are happening and even last year, many ceasefire violations were reported on both sides. Such exchange of bullets, mortars and shells are not only violation of the ceasefire agreement that exist between India and Pakistan, but also results in reducing the trust and peace building between the countries and in turn affect many more areas directly/indirectly associated with development. 

We must know that for both the countries, peace is of utmost importance and also our common need is to being focused on development rather than spending huge money of taxes for arms and ammunition. We also see that how through reducing such tensions, both of us can save billions of rupees and can divert this amount for development. We believe that any dispute can be resolved only by talk and mutual negotiation and agreements and not with violence. Any war like situation will only benefit arms manufacturing companies and will be harmful for both the countries, their development and their people. 

We also see that by such news of ceasefire violation, people become provoked, they also express their anger, but at the same time, we also view it as our right to know about the correct situation and the reasons responsible for it. We all have the right to know it because it is our money that is being spent and result in the loss of lives. Also, since such instances affect us, our society and harmony between our countries, we must be concerned about this and we must have the right to know the situation in detail. 

As India and Pakistan, both accuse each other and no one present the truth before public, now it is turn of us, the people of India and Pakistan to demand to know the real facts. In case, they do not agree with each other on such facts, there must be a separate inquiry. 

Thus, we, Aaghaz-e-Dosti, a group of youths from India and Pakistan appeal to:

*Both countries to Immediately stop ceasefire violations

*Set up a neutral third party inquiry into the matter

*Make the inquiry report should also be made available to people in both the countries

*To the media to stop using this as another opportunity to proliferate hatred for the sake of their TRPs 

We, the people of India and Pakistan, demand accountability and transparency from our Governments. We demand peace. We demand a solution. That solution cannot be more hatred. It can only be peace.

Press Release issued by

Devika Mittal & Aliya Harir (Convenors from India & Pakistan)

on behalf of


An Initiative for Indo-Pak Friendship



About aaghazedosti

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative

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