Poem: Are Synonyms, Antonyms?

by Shruti Sharma (India)

Indo-Pak peace

I like catching up with friends and sometimes even with strangers. So do you.

And so do all other beings on this planet.

I also like hugs. Both giving and taking them. You do too.

I like sharing a meal, eating from the same plate. I leave the last bite for the other person.

Try recalling the number of times you have done this too.

I like it when a friend smiles at me from a distance.

I like it more if a stranger smiles from the same distance.

So do you.


I like spreading love, spreading it to every corner of the world. So do you.

Love has the power to heal.

I like my mother and father. I also like my grandparents, brothers and sisters.

You like them too.

I smile when I am happy. I cry when I am sad. But I have also cried out of immense laughter. So have you.

I do sleep every night, some nights a little late when I have assignments the next day. I also use a blanket on cold nights and miss home when I am away. So do you.

I love eating everything my mother cooks. So do you.

It has a special aroma.

I also listen to songs, new and old with my brother and father. So do you.

I wait for holidays just like you do. I wake up late too.

When I fall, I bleed.  You do too.

When I fight, I cannot sleep at night. Nor can you.

When someone pokes me I want to poke them back harder, but I have learnt that it is easier to talk to the other person and tell them to stop.

You have learnt this too.

If I am a Raja, you are a Sultan. If I am a Pandit, you are a Maulvi.

If I am a Hindu, you are a Muslim. If I am an Indian, you are a Pakistani.

The sameness perplexes me. Can synonyms ever be used as antonyms? No.

Why then do we create borders? Why then do we make one, two?

Why then do we create antonyms?


About aaghazedosti

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative

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