Poem:  A voice – too weak?

by Warda Irum (Pakistan)

indopak peace painting

A voice too weak is a voice of peace

Given to us as something more of a lease

Passive, fragile, and seems not to excite . . .

A voice—too weak does not seem right?

For, war and aggression are our biological heritage

Somehow we‘re bound to express that *holy rage*

Inherently flawed  owing to our *original sin*

The goodness in us actually cannot win

So, that’s what they call the problems of *nature*

That has made us the worst of every creature

So, they yell at us and say out loud: . . .

“The voice too weak is the voice of peace”

Nobody is born with all these traits

And living like that is not our fate

Their specious believe is how incredible . . .

They make war then say war’s inevitable!! 

Engulfed with fears that if peace prevails,

Where will go the *heroes of war* and their tales?

So, the Ideas of peace they will always curtail,

But there’s no nobility in war let it be unveil,

All the nobility and goodness belongs to peace

Let the tolerance reign so that hostilities may cease

Unity in diversity, harmony in co-existence

Let’s accept each other with no pretense 

Give this flickering hope it’s all full release,

So the sufferings of humanity it may decrease

And we don’t yell, we say with peace:

A voice-too weak isn’t a voice of peace,

A voice too strong is the voice of Peace!!

*Painting by an Indian school student. Copyright of the painting belongs to Aaghaz-e-Dosti.


About aaghazedosti

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative

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