Aaghaz-e-Dosti invites paintings for ‘Calendar for Peace & Love – 2014’

Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an initiative for Indo-Pak Peace and Friendship by India-Based Mission Bhartiyam and Pakistan-based The Catalyst – TC and Imov Humans – Armaan Khan Foundation. Aaghaz-e-Dosti or start of friendship seeks to change the constructed mindsets of people on both sides of the border. One of our efforts is the “Calendar for Peace & Love”.

Every year, we launch a ‘Calendar for Peace & Love’ that includes selected paintings of students from India and Pakistan. It also has messages or blessings from renowned personalities who have been involved to improve the relations.

The importance of this calendar is stated by Devika Mittal, convener of Aaghaz-e-Dosti from Mission Bhartiyam, “The Calendar with the paintings of an innocent and apolitical mind will remind us that mindsets have been constructed. Together with the beautiful dreams of the young and innocent, the calendar also has messages from people who have been actively working to nurture these dreams.”

Aliya Harir, Convenor from The Catalyst – TC remarked, “This calendar is a collection of shared dreams of peace and friendship. It serves as a hope shared by people who are just like us, in habit and struggle. With the turn of the pages to start a new month, the hope shall be renewed.”

“This calendar will spread the word of peace all 365 days of the year. And like our other initiatives, this calendar will not convince anyone for peace, it will be a realisation,” remarked Armaan Khan, convenor from Imov Humans. 

This is the second year of ‘Calendar for Peace & Love’. For the calendar, six paintings, three from each country, will be selected. The organisations will formally invite two schools from each country. One of our aims is also to ensure that the word for peace is not just limited to big cities. So like last year, CYDA – Pakistan will also be a part of the initiative and will invite paintings from Sadikabad and Rahim Yar Khan. However, even apart from the selected schools, students as individuals can send in their paintings. The instructions and the schedule is available on https://aaghazedosti.wordpress.com/our-initiatives/calendar-for-peace-love/. The calendar will be launched with a seminar. The expected date for the launch is mid of December. It will be launched in both countries.


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Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative

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