Statement by Aaghaz-e-Dosti over the recent ceasefire violation and killing of 5 soldiers on LOC

The major newspapers and newsportals in India have reported that there has been yet another ceasefire violation at LOC. Five Indian soldiers have been killed in the Poonch sector in Jammu and Kashmir in the midnight of 5th August.

However, Pakistan has denied the firing. We condemn the killing of the five soldiers. However, it is essential to note that there has been a recent increase in incidents by troops of both countries. Both India and Pakistan complain about ceasefire violations and deny their own role. On 27th July, both the countries had accused each other of a ceasefire violation. It is, therefore, required for a third party investigation.

This recent incident can also be seen in the context of the recent news on plans to restore peace talks when Pakistan’s president Nawaz Sharif and India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will meet in New York, next month. It is also true that such attacks have often happened when there is any positive development in the relations. So there is an urgent need to recognise and inquire this, who is behind these attacks.

We, thus, demand a neutral third party inquiry into the matter. The report should also be made available to people in both the countries as they bear the brunt of miscommunication and this constructed hatred. The same report should be released in the media of both countries.

We also hope that the media will not use it as another opportunity to proliferate hatred for the sake of their TRPs. 

RIP the soldiers


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Aaghaz-e-Dosti is an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative

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