Statement of condemnation of clash on Indo-pak border by peace activists

Statement by Aaghaz-e-Dosti and some peace activists on the recent case of “violation of ceasefire”

 “We condemn any violation of ceasefire. We condemn acts of security forces who had crossed LoC. It is reported that two indian soldiers and (prior to that) one pakistani soldier were killed. It is also true that all these incidents used to happen whenever both the nations try to establish friendly relationship and that is why the people’s role become more important in spreading message of peace and love. If you believe in people’s power, you must believe that people will achieve their objective and that is towards love and humanity.”

You also know that any soldier who has been killed like this, or even in war, does not know the reasons of war and how all these things are politically framed to get political benefits of government(s).

 You also know that killing of any life is equally disturbing regardless of persons’s identity on the basis of gender/religion/region/nationality. We are sure that you know that you can (should) oppose the government(s) and not the people. We are sure that you can (should) kill the ill mentality of government(s) and not its people.

 We are sure that like us, you too give respect to a soldier, like a soldier and as a human being. We are sure that you know that killed soldiers have not taken their decision for violating any ceasefire or for firing upon each other, it was the ‘order’ that received to them. We are sure that their families are equally disturbed and crying upon their deaths no matter they were Indian or Pakistanis.

 Taken birth in India or in Pakistan must not decide that we are enemies, it is us who should and who must decide how we will treat each other. We, the people of India and Pakistan must come forward to express our concern on all these and we, together must spread the message of peace and love for each other, to let the hate/attacks down and it is only possible when we will trust each other and will move together.

We also urge with government(s) to let the truth come before the public and to register protest on global platform. We also request to media, to bring and to get the possible solutions to bring the truth.  

We share some lines of Roshan Romani:







Aaghaz-e-Dosti had also asked some eminent people to give their view on recent clash and some of these are given here:

Prithvi Sharma from India Friends Association stated:

First of all, it is difficult to know the facts given such high levels of tension and secrecy. We can only rely on the media and the government, neither of which are particularly reliable under such circumstances. I am a pacifist, so I condemn all violence no matter in whose name it is committed. However, it has become the dominant myth of our times that all our evils result from bad politicians. I disagree. It absolves us of all responsibility. People carry hate and prejudice. Yes, the vested interests, be it the politicians or other wielders of power, do exploit. But they won’t be able to do this if people did not participate.

I also do not believe that being a soldier automatically confers a level of integrity on any one. The world history is replete with horrific deeds committed by soldiers. Such acts are committed voluntarily as often as they are committed under pressure from superiors. At the same time, I do not see soldiers any worse than the rest of us. It is the situation that they are put in that makes them do what they do. A soldier’s job is to kill. By definition he has to kill or be killed. In spite of the myth that we tend to build around our warriors, even under the best of circumstances, they are just like the rest of us, trying to do a job under extremely difficult circumstances, arguably far more difficult than faced by most of us. And most of them do perform their task with courage and integrity. It is however, when they are put in to situations (such as in Kashmir) where their mission is poorly defined and widely opposed that we get in to difficulty. I don’t suppose it is any different for those on the opposite side of the border. So, you can say that the real culprits are the political bosses, military commanders and other powers that be but that only tells half of the story.

India and Pakistan are two countries. For better or worse, the people in Pakistan made their choice. That can’t be reversed. There is every reason that we should live as good neighbors with respect and goodwill towards each other. We must strive for that. What to do? Certainly, we should support the soldiers and their families. We should express our support for the continuation of dialogue between the two countries. If there are forces that are trying to derail the process, the best way to disarm them is to not react to their provocation. Besides that, I want to paraphrase Gandhiji who, when asked as to how a Christian can be a good Hindu, said that by becoming a good Christian. Or something like that. We must get our house in order, work for a just, free and democratic society in India. That is the best way to be friends with our neighbors in Pakistan.

Prashant Bhushan, Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India & Social Activist told Aaghaz-e-Dosti volunteers:

 Of course, we should agree for a UN inquiry into the matter. What other option is there when Pakistan is denying their role in the incident. In such matters, it is important to involve the UN and avoid the nationalistic jingoism that we are seeing in the media.

Though mutual talk is the best solution, but if the two nations disagree so violently, it is best to involve the UN. Otherwise the jingoism being promoted by the media can lead to a dangerous situation.

Dipak Dholakia, Gandhian Activist

Indo Pak tension must get a permanent solution and Kashmir has to play the role in this.

Sagar Rabari, Social Activist from Ahemdabad

 I don’t see any role for third party inquiry in this border violence, UN’s record is not straight so far as disputes are concerned.

 Secondly, on border, such incidents happens when peace process gets momentum, because there so many forces in both the country who are not happy with the peace process and they do want to derail it. Government has to register protests and also fix the dates for next meeting for dialogue and sports, cultural activity also.

 In our country, many things are driven by emotions, to pass a law without proper thinking of its misuses or to solve border issues cannot be done by emotions, it requires lot profound thinking of all the facets of issue.

People on both side should be vigilant on respective governments and also proceed forward with optimism, ultimately truth and peace will prevail.

Kiran Shaheen, Social Activist

Indo – Pak tension is an easy target for both the governments to divert the immediate concerns. We have witnessed this several times. 

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